Saturday, September 4, 2010

Unschooling is the new REAL SCHOOLING...

The more that my family gives in to the love of life learning, the more we learn about ourselves.

The "economic downturn" is just another excuse for those who have, to discriminate against those who are trying to emulate their lifestyle. As a one income family, we have found that "affordable housing" is not really affordable and those places that are in our range are usually purposefully crap.

It is times like this when we start to hear suggestions of putting the boys into public school so hubby and I can spend our days working in the grind while our sons are ground up in the system. Sounds great? Not!

As artists and activists, we are painfully aware that fighting the good fight doesn't come with luxury housing and 6 figure incomes, but it builds the kind of people that change their communities and potentially, the world.

That's what I want for my boys. Real world schooling. Socializing with elders and youth to make a difference!


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