Sunday, May 30, 2010

Group efforts

Leaving the house with 2 adults and 4 boys has always been a challenge. But infants are a lot easier to dress since they can't talk back...yet. Typically we all are responsible for ourselves but there are those times where timing is important and that's where teamwork becomes critical.

I will help the oldest two get ready and then ask them to help the younger two while myself and the big man get it together. Mostly foolproof plan, but today we just couldn't move faster than snails on vacation. Oh well...

Monday, May 24, 2010

As they grow

It's amazing to watch the little ones changing into beings that can rationalize and reason. Even if it makes you cry.

A simple conversation with my 4 year old about him treating himself better so he can be around for a long time, brought up the subject of death and dying. So now I have a 7yo who is crying and telling me about his happiest memory of cooking while clinging to me; a 6yo who is crying and hugs me while whispering he doesn't want "you and Daddy to die" and then the 4yo old looks up at me with tears pouring down his face saying, "if you die, we wouldn't have a mommy anymore".

Try not crying through all that!!!

Not just because it was sad, but that they are processing humanity.

Of course 8yo has to put it all back into perspective as he lets me know that he will cry when I die, but that's not right now and that his brothers are probably crying because they are picturing what I will look like dead. I quietly whisper to him with a hug, that he should keep that nugget of info to himself because I didn't think his brothers had even thought of that and that might make them cry more. What a day!!!