Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Important lessons

Today I got to do something hilariously fun with my kids and husband. We got up extra early to stand in line at Ikea at their grand re-opening!!!! The first 100 kids got a free heart pillow and the boys couldn't wait to get in line. Not face painting, mimes or a clown on stilts would sway them from getting out of line. We had free breakfast and won some prizes in addition to just having quality time. The boys got their heart pillows and were sooo happy! The important lesson this morning was to take some time to do something out of the ordinary. Those are the moments they remember.

Tonight while eating dinner, 7yo said he wanted to be president so he could make sure that everyone in the world had food and water. He said the police would carry around food and look for people who were hungry. I told him that it is greater to help people in your own community and the only title he needs is Human. He then went on to say that when he gets his license, he is going to have a van that he can carry food bags and water to hand out to hungry people. 8yo suggested that he should also think about giving away money too.

I looked at my husband and said that it is times like these where I know we are on the right path with exposing the boys to real life. They will be better prepared to be leaders in their communities.

Peace & Blessings to all & good night!

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